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by Jack Kruf

This  EPA document is one of our inspirations. It is not only the beautiful and effective design as such, but more even so the thinking process and concept behind the design. To connect things like this in a new and higher form of intelligence is an exceptional performance.

The 1977 Environmental Protection Agency Graphic Standards System has been reissued via Kickstarter. “The Manual demonstrates how efficient, informative design has been used to advance federal programs for the public good. It’s a relatively unknown story, so the reissue makes for an important piece of historical excavation and conservation.” (source: AIGA).

“When the governmental agency was first set up in 1970 by president Richard Nixon, one of its top priorities was to consolidate numerous state offices in order to effectively carry out its goal of “working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people.” Despite this aim for efficiency, the EPA’s graphic design and communications was staggeringly inefficient, with millions of dollars wasted annually due to non-standardized formats and a constant need to design every new communication from scratch.”

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The Use of Colour
The Use of Colour

For colour representation we consider the by Pantone® produced - showing the appearance of colour on product -, the Fashion, Home + Interiors Color GuideTPG colour palette as our starting point. This fits best with our focus on wall art for home and office.
Black King Alliance
We need a 'Black King'

Within society public leadership counts. We know the challenges before us, related to climate, energy, biodiversity, equality, circularity. To take a step forward we need people with vision, connectedness and credibility. We need the steward, the Black King.
Living & System World
Living & System World

How to express the coherence and balance between citizens and their governing system. The idea came up to use the chessboard with its 64 fields as the canvas and start working from there. How to define both worlds and how to use colour to express?