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by Jack Kruf

How to express the coherence and balance between citizens and their governing system. It is possible to build the narrative, of course, and tell this story in essays, reports and books. I thought about this. Is there a more compact way in which in condensed but in true form and essence the lines can be brought together. It actually is the beginning of this blog.

As forest ecologist I did a lot of research to analyse and diagnose the status quo of the forest. In that I studies extensively the work of Prof. dr. ir. Roelof A.A. Oldeman. As public manager and city manager I did a lot of research and planning with my teams on the status quo of the city. For that we used remote sensing, respectively geographical mapping, always combined with empirical findings in the field and in the street.

The worlds

First we need a canvas now. The idea came up to use the chessboard with its 64 fields as the playground where it all happens and start working from there. How to define a canvas in which the worlds of interests, roles and stakes can meet and on which colour and codes can be used to express the interactions and fibres of society?

On the highest level I thought to start with the world of citizens, society and nature, defined as the living world. This is the world of daily life, work and love. It is also the world of personal and public values and lifestyles. The chosen colour for these stepping stones is Pantone® Snow White, which symbolises the virginity, dynamics, creativity, self expression, consciousness in the living world. What is stronger than seeing one’s own footprints in the purity of the driven snow. Proof of life in its simplest form.

Accordingly there is the world of the governing system can be defined as the system world. This is the world of election, governance, rules and regulations, taxes, performance, public products and services. The chosen colour for these stepping stones is Pantone® Jet Black, because of its association with the mineraloid Jet, which has an organic origin, being derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure. This colour has it roots in the living world, was even created by it, but extended and was formed during the last twelve millennia to a manifest crystallised structure, made by men.

The first drawings
Well how does the canvas shows itself? The living world and the system world can be integrated in an optimal coherent situation. Individuals, organisations and natural ecosystems live in harmony with their governing systems vice versa. A balanced pattern. 32 fields living world, 32 fields system world, both equally divided.

Or they can be separated. If completely, there is no interaction, no connection, no coherency. Citizens and their communities do live separated from their governing systems vice versa. In the latter, the system world lives in its own world and does not address the needs and wills in the living world. 32 fields living world, 32 fields system world, each fully clustered.


The basic canvas of 64 fields in its simplest form is helpful to express in abstract terms what could be going on. It is an image, maybe in a way as an artistic one, of reality, of the fibres of our world. Consider it as impressions and expressions at the same time.

De facto the canvas is a demarcated and metaphoric piece of reality that exists in a larger, more holistic picture of society and nature as a whole. It condenses information from the total magnitude available within the ecosystem into abstractions. 

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