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For colour representation we consider the by Pantone® produced - showing the appearance of colour on product -, the Fashion, Home + Interiors Color GuideTPG colour palette as our starting point. This fits best with our focus on wall art for home and office. The TPG (Textile Paper Green) suffix indicates the latest evolution of the product line where all lead and chromium content from earlier products are removed to offer a safer, more environmentally friendly product.

The names of colours and associations lead back to the world where we live in and are highly applicable to the content of our art work. Their related RGB codes are used for the digital imaging on this website. The designed images are created with the highly standardised Pantone® libraries within Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer software. The chosen colour space is that of sRGB. Please note that the by you perceived colour on this website also depends on type and quality of your computer or mobile screen and can differ per device.

For the actual prints on different materials we use corresponding colour guides. We match with cross reference software and Pantone Capsure™ to match colours for print, physical presentation and use. Colour is key.

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Art registry
Art registry

Limited editions on Hahnemühle fine art paper with Certificates of Authenticity are registered under My Art Registry at myartregistry.com.