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We, Michelle Kruf and Jack Kruf, create fine art prints. Our mission is to contribute to the knowledge of and insights in city, society and nature and the way we organise our governance and stewardship of our public values. We believe in the old Chinese wisdom, that a picture says more than a thousand words. We both are involved with and committed to a balanced society and nature and have lots of knowledge and insights from our professions. Michelle is experienced in social care network management and interior design, Jack in forest ecology and protection as well as city management. Photography respectively graphic design are our passions.

We believe that wisdom can be promoted by bringing facts, findings, impressions and expressions an be brought to the walls of our homes and offices. In fact we are convinced that education and learning about how the world works starts here. Wall-art contributes to the awareness on things that matter and to personal and professional guidance. Our tagline:


"A wisdom on the wall,

a window to the world"


Maybe it is prehistoric times alike, when we start painting on our walls of the caves we lived in and by this with sharing our perceptions. Our walls are the place to be. They mark the boundary between our private domain and the world around us, the public domain. Why not use it for meeting, exploration, discovery and connection? We try to catch some of this wisdom about city, society and nature  into wall-art, and by this create a window to the world. 

We express ourselves as clearly and simple as possible on the essential parts, players, interactions, drivers and processes in city, society and nature. We translate our impressions, thoughts, reflections, insights, designs, images and moods into wall-art. We also believe that the interior of home and office the place is where these expressions comes into their own.


depiction of bovine in Lubang Jeriji Saléh cave, more than 40,000 years old.


We are inspired by our father and grandfather Ad Kruf in his drive to catch the world in pictures as a way of understanding how it is structured. Letting 'natural light' and 'depth perspective' tell the story was his thing. Sometimes these elements meet in one single shot. The dark grey and rain predicting sky, the flash of sunlight coming in over the beige beach and the soft mossy green of the classic lantern. Quite a palette.

Ad Kruf (2008), Scheveningen Beach. The Hague.

Contribute to a better world

Trends and developments in the public domain of society increasingly are challenging to meet our health, safety and well-being. The earth is under pressure. We know that. And with that is our quality of life. We know that too, by heart and soul. We hope to contribute with our designs and pictures to awareness of understanding. It is this. It is our small contribution to a better world.