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Jack Kruf

Carrying the City

  • Local government (blue) is there for controlling the city (red). After election, where citizens voted for political parties, the elected councils are formed. After that government councils are formed on majorities. In this process the city policies are segmented and divided, so every governor gets is own focus points. The heap of governmental responsibilities needs to carry the weight of the city as a whole. Challenging. Mayor and the city manager are there to keep this political driven landscape together - as good as it gets - with the help of the system (black), this in the light of optimising life and work (snow white) in the city. An art expression.

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    • Printed on archival fine art paper with pigment inks of the highest museum quality and standards in different sizes and editions, signed and numbered by the artist.
    • From 21*21 cm (€ 75,00) to 150*150 cm (please contact us).
    • For all purchases or inquiries​ on limited edition prints and further information you can email us at info@jackkruf.art.
    • Price inclusive VAT and shipping.